Resumen: 22/feb/2018

Slogan de Google: “Do no evil”


(Photo: Search, by Paige Saez. CC Licensed)

En la clase de hoy continuamos hablando sobre la búsqueda. Mediante la página del curso  accedimos a InfoLit (“Information Literacy”), donde nos instruimos sobre la búsqueda efectiva, la capacidad de distinguir y la capacidad de utilizar.

Aprendimos sobre el archivo de material histórico en la internet que es; ahí supimos sobre la existencia del “Wayback Machine”, una herramienta que nos ayudará en clases futuras.

Entramos a la Biblioteca de Sagrado y creamos una cuenta de RefWorks. En este excelente recurso descubrimos que es muy fácil organizar las referencias en nuestros trabajos si dejamos que la tecnología lo haga por nosotros. Para aprender como hacerlo, guardamos varios documentos ahí, como del New York Times, del Nuevo Dia y Computing Machinery and Intelligence.

Por último, vimos un video sobre el “Crap Detection”

El profesor dijo que en clases futuras abundará mas sobre todos los temas aqui mencionados.


Itinerary for a virtual trip


(Photo: Traveling, by Matt Perich. CC Licensed)

Lets go on a short trip! For my class I will be organizing a fake trip from Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL. The details will be explained below:

  1. After having some breakfast, so we don’t get hungry on the way, and making sure the car is full of gas, we will depart from Coronado Springs at 9:00 am
  2. We should get on I-4 W in Osceola County from World Dr
  3. Then we follow I-4 W to FL-582 W/E Fowler Ave in Hillsborough County. And take exit 265 from I-75 N
  4. Almost there, we just continue on FL-582 W/E Fowler Ave to our destination in Tampa
  5. Finally, we should arrive at Busch Gardens at around 10:25 am and be able to enjoy the rest of our day at this wonderful theme park

Travel time: 1 hour-1 hour with 25 minutes depending on traffic

108 km=67.1 miles

To get the latest news on Tampa and Orlando check out these links

The Web: my perception

As instructed by my Informatica 103 professor, in this post I will be writing down some of my thoughts about the internet and reflecting on how it affects my life on a daily basis.


(Photo: Web, by Kenny Louie. CC Licensed)

How’s life with the Web?

The internet is something that is present in almost every aspect of our life this days. In my case, I mostly use it for entertainment. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and specially Instagram are the social networks I like and use. YouTube and Google are other features that I use a lot, mostly to search about stuff I like. Of course, the internet is also useful for students, whether they be in school or college, and to help people with their work everyday. There are so many other things that make use of the internet that it’s almost impossible to keep count; there are games, browsers, social networks, streaming sites like Netflix, and even important stuff like the government or the military could not work properly without it. In spite of this, the internet is full of many negative things that might be to accessible for younger viewers. Also, I think we have become to dependent of it.

How would my life be without the Web?

Obviously, my life would drastically change without the internet. If it had never existed, our lifestyles would be totally different and we wouldn’t even notice. We probably would have found other means to accomplish our goals and advance as a species. But if it suddenly ceased to exist right now, humanity would literally fall apart and plunge into chaos. Personally I would probably enter a state of extreme distress. No way to communicate with other people, not knowing what is happening with the rest of the world, not having the entertainment I was so used to. It would be a nightmare. But still, in time, I think we would find a way to keep living without the internet being part of our life anymore.



This is a post for my class about Informatica and not related to the actual theme of my blog. I will be inserting stuff from other social media, like twitter, a picture and a podcast because I’m experimenting with everything I can do on this website.


(Photo: Tiger, by Lawrence Rice. CC Licensed)