Itinerary for a virtual trip


(Photo: Traveling, by Matt Perich. CC Licensed)

Lets go on a short trip! For my class I will be organizing a fake trip from Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort to Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL. The details will be explained below:

  1. After having some breakfast, so we don’t get hungry on the way, and making sure the car is full of gas, we will depart from Coronado Springs at 9:00 am
  2. We should get on I-4 W in Osceola County from World Dr
  3. Then we follow I-4 W to FL-582 W/E Fowler Ave in Hillsborough County. And take exit 265 from I-75 N
  4. Almost there, we just continue on FL-582 W/E Fowler Ave to our destination in Tampa
  5. Finally, we should arrive at Busch Gardens at around 10:25 am and be able to enjoy the rest of our day at this wonderful theme park

Travel time: 1 hour-1 hour with 25 minutes depending on traffic

108 km=67.1 miles

To get the latest news on Tampa and Orlando check out these links


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