Hello, my name is Carlos. Welcome to my blog: Ideas for aspiring writers. 


(Photo: P8152865, by caligula1995. CC Licensed)

I created this blog as a requirement for a class I am taking in Universidad Sagrado Corazon. We are using it to learn more about the internet, social media, and all the tools available for us on the Web.

I am 19 years old and live in Puerto Rico. My major is in digital production: cinematography. I decided to make my posts in English, but, it is my second language so you may notice a few mistakes from time to time; also if my professor requests it, some posts might be in Spanish.

I love movies and video games but especially books and would like to become a fiction writer someday. That is why I based my blog around writing. But, since it is still a blog about my class, I will also be posting assignments for it in my site.

Aside from my homework, I will be posting sentences or paragraphs that come to my mind, either because of something I saw, heard, got told by someone, read, or simply made up on my own, and can be made into a story if you decide to expand upon the concept. If this blog succeeds, I may continue with it after I finish the semester.

I really hope everybody likes the stuff I post. Peace out