Entry #13

A Beautiful Mind 3

(Photo: A Beautiful Mind 3, by cea +. CC Licensed)

Inseparable twins while growing up; their childhood a beautiful thing. Now, different situations caused one of them to go down a path of crime, and the other to join the police force. Their bond as twins allowing them to comunicate telepathically; their life a never-ending game of cat and mouse.


Entry #12

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin by Neil Armstrong, Sea of Tranquility, Moon, 1969

(Photo: Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin by Neil Armstrong, Sea of Tranquility, Moon, 1969, by trialsanderrors. CC Licensed)

In the near future, two astronauts just got back from their spacewalk on the moon. They enter their spacecraft and close the door behind them. As they start to take off their spacesuits, there is a knock on the hatch leading to the outside. They look at eachother in surprise, they’re supposed to be alone. Upon looking out the window, they see an astronaut just like them.

“Open up” says the astronaut from outside “This is not funny”

“What’s your name?” asks one of the two astronauts from inside, not knowing what else to do

“Don’t joke around dude, it’s me, Ramirez” he says

Surprised, the astronaut that spoke from inside looks over at the other one who is with him, the one who is also supposed to be Ramirez. The Ramirez from inside looks terrified and tells him not to open the door. But the one on the outside grows more impatient by the minute and starts pounding at the door. He must make a decision.


Entry #11: Origins

Space rock could make 2036 a killer year!

(Photo: Space rock could make 2036 a killer year!, by buckcalifornia. CC Licensed)

During an expedition, an archaeologist discovers a hidden tomb with strange messages. After translating them, it is revealed that most of humanity’s history is a lie. The dinosaurs were Earth’s native inhabitants and the asteroid that “killed” them was actually a crashing spaceship bringing humans from their actual home planet, which got destroyed by another alien species. So much time has passed that humanity doesn’t even remember that Earth isn’t their real planet. But there was something else written in the caves, a prophecy predicting the return of the aliens that invaded our original world. And according to the writings, it is about to come true.

Entry #10


(Photo: Jail, by 826 PARANORMAL. CC Licensed)

Future technology has allowed judges to extract the memories of criminals to prove if their guilty or innocent. This means that conviction rate is basically flawless. But there is a side effect: the memory of the crime gets removed from their brain, resulting in the inmates not remembering what their in jail for. A group of of them stage a prison riot with the purpose of breaking into the memory storage and finding out what their crimes were.

Entry #9

Two roads diverged

(Photo: Two roads diverged, by Anna Richards. CC Licensed)

It all started when the protagonist was a little kid. They got lost in the woods on a family vacation and came across two paths. Both of them gave different types of inexplicable feelings to the protagonist; the easiest way to explain it would be that one felt warm, and the other felt cold. They decided to take the warm path and it took them straight to their family; ever since that day, every decision they’ve had to make was the same, one choice felt cold and the other warm. Remembering that day in the forest, they always chose the warm one. This led to them having a very productive life; in relationships, health, money, and fame. But, after many years, life has become dull; looking for a little excitement, they make a decision. Next time they have to make a choice, they’ll choose the cold one.


(Photo: Choice, by Nadir Hashmi. CC Licensed)

Entry #8: The poltergeist


(Photo: GHOST, by Bousure. CC Licensed)

Ever since they were little, the protagonist has been able to see some kind of entity, a ghost, wandering around their house, always close to them and even sometimes they would catch glimpses of it watching them. At first, it was terrifying, but with time they learned to ignore it, since it really didn’t do anything except stand around. Although they never understood why nobody else could see it. Eventually, they move out on their own and stop seeing the apparition, so they assume it was just in their old house. One ordinary day, the protagonist is at their new house and suddenly all the lights go out; assuming it’s a blackout they look out the window but every other house has the lights on. They try to get out of the house but all the doors are jammed shut and won’t open. The air gets cold and somehow they can feel some kind of presence there with them. After several minutes, the lights turn back on, the doors unlock, and everything seems normal. Scared, they hire a psychic to inspect the house. The psychic tells them that it is the same spirit that haunted them when they were little, but that they should not worry, it is trying to protect them. Although they can’t determine if it’s from another supernatural being, or from someone who is still alive.

Entry #7

Murder's weapon on the table

(Photo: Murder’s weapon on the table, by Maarten Van Damme. CC Licensed)

There’s been a murder! It is 1934 in London, and at an upper class party in a mansion, the owner has been found murdered. Knowing that the killer might escape in the commotion, a detective, who was a guest in the party, quickly organizes everybody, closes all the exits, and, after making sure everyone on the guest list is accounted for, begins investigating who did it. After some thorough investigation and a lot of interrogations, all the facts point only to one person. But it can’t be… The evidence is so convincing that the detective even starts to believe it. Somehow, someway… he himself is actually the killer!